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The tutor should then cut three slits, leaving the edge closest to the box opening.

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Students will: Engage in the Engineering Design Process to complete a team challenge building a simple solar powered oven.The pizza box solar oven is a great project for kids because it shows two passive solar principles working together to accomplish a goal the kids can really relate to: making something yummy.

Brooklyn Pizza Company and Sky Bar are the first two businesses in Southern Arizona to offset 100% of their electricity demand with solar energy.

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A solar oven is a great way to cook food without using fossil fuels, and solar ovens are approved for use in camping areas where campfires are not allowed.This will hopefully open them to the possibility of using alternative energy in other ways.

The solar oven you build in this activity is a relatively simple one made out of a pizza box, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and a sheet of black paper.The oven DOES work but eat your solar-cooked food at your own risk.

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Solar Pizza Box Cooker Have you noticed how a car parked in the sun stays warm inside, even on cold days.Pizza boxes are one of the most versatile objects you can use for a homeschool project.You can make a solar oven from a pizza box to demonstrate solar power to children.Making a solar pizza oven from a discarded pizza box and then preparing and subsequently cooking a pizza in the self same solar pizza oven might sound like a contradiction in terms, but in reality is simple, fun, requires no particularly developed.

Step 1 Have the student place the construction paper on top of the box and trace the outline.

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Make a Pizza Box Solar Oven What you will need: Recycled pizza box.Eureka Pizza recently became the first pizza company in Arkansas to use solar panels for their energy needs.National Science Education Standards (NSTA) Science as Inquiry.They can be effectively used to save burning any fuel and cause zero pollution effect on the environment.

My son has wanted to make a solar oven ever since he saw one on a Curious George episode a few years ago.

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